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We'll Be Your Tyra Banks

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Ever seen America’s Top Model when a contender model is unsure of what to do? Tyra not only cheers and gives direction from the sideline, but she often jumps into the shot to show the model with her own body what to do to get a fantastic image. That’s us. We’re your Tyras.

This is an exciting season in your love story. An engagement session is THE MUST HAVE of being engaged. We know one of you may not desperately want to book a session, find the perfect outfits and location and spend up to an hour in front of the camera. We will beg, plead, and just about KIDNAP you and your love to spend that hour with us and our cameras.

The why’s…

10. Let’s celebrate this milestone. We love telling your love story and it starts before your wedding day.

9. Have a little relaxed romantic fun. Who doesn’t want to have fun? If you don’t have fun, we didn’t do our job. And honestly…do you want your mom to take engagement photos with her iPhone? Sorry, mom.

8. Your Save the Date announcement is done. BAM!

7. You’ll have a bank of images (the fancy word for that is CONTENT in the social media world) for your wedding website.

6. Instagram loves a good love story. You’ll be posting for days and weeks leading up to your dream day.

5. Let’s get both of you comfortable in front of the camera. Yeah, we don’t like being on the other side of the camera either. It may feel a wee bit awkward, but you will love how relaxed and natural you look in your images. No stiff, statue poses. We left those back in the 1800’s.

4. Practice, practice, practice. We like to name our poses and give you some point of reference for what your behind the scenes wedding day will look like. It will feel familiar to you and you’ll remember how to pose yourself for those natural, clean lines. If you forget in the wedding day blur, remember, we got you. You have two Tyras!

3. Say cheese. We’ll get to see your natural smiles. We want you to look like you on your wedding day. Your personality bubbles to the top when we’re out on location having fun in your session. Because we get to see the real YOU, we capture the real YOU.

2. Your moms NEED gorgeous images for her walls, her desktop wallpaper, to send to all her distant cousins, and to gush over when she misses you. We’re moms. We know.

1. Yep, we’re your vendor technically and legally. But, we want MORE. It’s our heart to be friends on your dream day. Nowadays, anyone can take photos (Uncle Paul, Grandma, your college roommate) and there are amazing photographers (we’re friends with tons) all over the world who can shoot your dream day. Relationship is the backbone and heartbeat of our business. Friends, not strangers, is OUR vision for your dream day.

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