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Sweet Sydney

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Gwen and Adam met us at Paul State Forest, beautifully known for being an island of forest in a sea of farmland, for their engagement session. Pets are always, always welcome in our engagement sessions and on wedding days. Sweet Sydney is a 27 pound, Australian cattle dog with a HUGE personality and was pure fun that brisk April sunset.

Her motto is: "Everyone is a friend, everything is a toy and Grace (Gwen + Adam's cat) is both." Sydney's high energy personality brought lots of giggles that evening, but she was super cautious and SUPER jealous when she had to step out of the photos. The love and bond between these three was incredibly easy to capture on camera.

After adopting her in July 2020, Adam said that's when he started seriously looking for an engagement ring. He proposed exactly three months later on a trip to the beach; as the couple was sipping coffee, watching the sunrise, with Sydney snuggled right between them.

It was perfect.

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