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Our 7-Year Itch

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The 7-Year Itch. Myth or reality?? We dunno. Psychologists define the 7 year itch as a time when couples re-evaluate who they are as a couple, either realizing their relationship isn't working, or the extreme opposite, feeling deeply satisfied and committing to their relationship.

The 7-Year Itch. Marilyn Monroe. That iconic white dress. We haven’t seen the movie. We, however, do find tremendous value in evaluating what is and isn’t working.

Marilyn, we’re not. We do revel in all our romantic and meaningful encounters with another iconic white dress. The wedding dress. Often the focal point of our day, each dress has been dreamt about, is chosen carefully, loved, etched into each groom’s memory, and preserved in film, images, and a box or a dress bag for the future.

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wedding day. It’s no secret that Katie and I are each other’s favorite wedding dates. For the past six years, we’ve served brides + grooms, their bridal parties, their parents, their extended families, and their vendors on the most special day of their lives. We LOVE wedding day.

So after six fun and adventurous years together as wedding photographers, 2022 brings us to a new crossroad in our own wedding story–our own seven year itch, per say. Katie’s photography business is thriving and Cindy’s mixed media small business soft launched on her 50th birthday. The newness of what January typically brings indeed brought us to the place where we were asking ourselves, what now? Where do we go? What do we want? How can we grow and better serve our couples?

Are we restless as wedding photographer ‘partners-in-crime’? Nope.

Are we deeply satisfied and committed in our relationship? HECK YEAHHHHHHH!

We are BOTH BEYOND EXCITED to announce where our crossroads has naturally brought us. Drumroll please!!!!!!

We are pleased to announce our partnership and our new Premier Wedding Photography + Film brand, Ameigh Fellows Media. While focusing on our continued blended approach to serving our brides + grooms and yet recognizing our individual strengths and wedding day loves, nothing could be more natural and certain for us, then to fuse this portion of our individual brands into something spectacular. Insert fireworks. Our team is the team we love and are committed to.

Hello, 2022. You’re gonna be a good one.


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