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we love capturing your story and this is ours

We started teaching at the same elementary school (Katie, 3rd grade and Cindy, 1st grade) in its inaugural year. When we both transferred to Tech Staff to teach instructional technology, our conversations moved toward what we were doing after school and on the weekend--photographing our friends + family. Our own wedding story really started when Katie was hired to shoot her first wedding and Cindy invited herself to be her second shooter. The rest is history...

Seven years later, we're still over-the-moon excited to share our passion for each wedding day as we serve our couples and their families not only with romantic images and film, but with care.


Katie Ameigh

Katie is a Tennessee girl at heart and a former Clemson track and field star. Fun fact, her personal record in high jump stands at 5'9". She is a mom to two busy and active kids and can be found cheering them on in the gym and on the field. Katie is a small business owner and the very successful photographer of Ameigh Photography, established in 2014. Passionate about capturing light and keeping up with current wedding trends, she's well-known for her ability to put anyone at ease in front of the camera, whether it's wiggly kiddos, squirmy puppies, or bridal parties eager to finish portraits. On your wedding day, you'll find Katie shooting candids, capturing getting ready images, and hanging out with the bride and her bridal party. Behind the scenes, she's the communications director and events manager. 

Fun fact, Katie's husband, Doug, shoots all of our drone footage for wedding films.

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Cindy Fellows

Cindy is a Maryland native and is easily distracted by creating just about anything. Self-taught, she enjoys traveling around the world, documenting stories in images + film. A newlywed herself, she's passionate about the relational part of a wedding day--the hugs, the teary eyes of a mom as she watches her son wait for his bride, the laughter of best man toasts, and flower girl shenanigans. On your wedding day, you'll find her shooting the details, capturing memories of rings, table settings, cufflinks, shoes--images rarely printed, but elegant parts of your story. She also hangs out with the groom and his guys before the wedding and assists in keeping your timeline on track for our team. Behind the scenes, she's the social media content creator for Ameigh Fellows Media.

Fun fact, Cindy launched her own small business, October Grace Media, on her 50th birthday.

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Every wedding day is as                as every love story and proposal.
We’ll honor your unique personalities, vision + style as we dream about your day with you. Your wedding will never be just a day to us.
It’s our honor to capture your        in becoming Mr + Mrs —
and all the romantic fun before and after your first kiss at the altar.



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All the images you see on our website and social media channels are from weddings shot in the Valley, not styled shoots with models.  Our dramatic, cinematic editing style is our signature brand, capturing all the big and private emotional moments of your wedding day.


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